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Ultrasonic inspection equipment can be adapted for use in a wide range of applications, i.e. crack detection at depths from less than 1cm to over 10 metres, thickness, bond evaluation, corrosion mapping etc. Ultrasonic techniquies are developed to suit each appliccation and must be adhered to for valid results. Standard probes and reference (calibration) blocks are available to ensure reproduction of any given sensitivity in similar situations, while special reference blocks may be made to reproduce the item to be inspected with a real or artificial defect of known size and shape.


Ultrasonic inspection is quick, sensitive and capable of detecting a wide range of discontinuities but there is a lot of operator skill required to manipulate the probe and evaluate the indication on the screen at the same time. As there is usually no permanent record the success of any inspection depends on the ability and conscientiousness of the operator.


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