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From discussing welding procedures to measuring the final coating thickness of the project, ANNALIYAH Pty Ltd can be of assistance in the following areas;

Dye Penetrants

Liquid Penetrants provide a reliable and accurate means of detecting various types of discontinuities which are open to an accesible surface by providing a visible contast between the discontinuity and it's background. The surface to be inspected must be cleaned to the bare metal to allow the penetrant to enter the discontinuity.

Eddy Current

Eddy Current crack detection units are normally limited to surface defects but are also sensitive to changes in shape, heat treatment, coating thickness and the edges of a part. The effective depth of eddy current is usually less that 2mm. Eddy currents are particularly useful for detecting surface cracking.

Magnetic Particle

This method is restricted to ferromagnetic materials i.e. steels. Magnetic particle testing produces an almost immediate indication of surface or slightly sub-surface discontinuities by megnetising the component and applying ferromagnetic particles to the surface to be inspected.


Ultrsonic inspection equipment can be adapted for use in a wide range of applications, i.e. crack detection at depths from less than 1cm to over 10 metres thickness measurement, bond evaluation, corrosion, mapping etc.

Visual Examination

Visual and optical inspection methods are generally used for two purposes, firstly to assess the part for general condition and possibly to establish suitability for other inspection methods and secondly as a detailed inspection for visible inspection for visible effects, either by eye or using optical aids.

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